We can provide a comprehensive range of services, from feasibility studies and conceptual design all the way through to installation and commissioning, including:

Below are examples of some areas where our skills and experience help us stand out from the competition:

System Support

We provide both office-hour and on-call support for a number of different client installations, answering technical queries from both onshore and offshore. On some sites we have been providing support for over a decade, and therefore have very in-depth knowledge of the sites.

In addition we provide modifications and solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs.

DeltaV System Modifications

With our extensive experience of design and build for both topside and subsea DeltaV control systems, we are ideally positioned to carry out modifications to existing DeltaV installations.

Our personnel are both technically and commercially experienced to provide on-the-spot decisions and aid progress.

System Upgrades

We have supported a number of DeltaV version upgrade projects over the years, using our specialist knowledge to ensure a smooth transition with minimal plant downtime.

We have also designed and supplied system upgrades from obsolete PLC-based architecture to DeltaV systems.

Building PLC-based Systems

We have experience in the design and build of bespoke PLC-based systems to suit the needs of our clients, covering a range of different industries.

For each project we take the time to consider the requirements of the client and select the parts and platform which are best suited to their application.

Electronics Assembly

Our team are highly skilled in PCB and module assembly, including the assembly of subsea modems and other interface equipment.

Circuit Board

Legacy System Support / Replacement

We can provide technical support and interface solutions to enable the continued use of legacy systems.

Where applicable we can also provide assistance in designing and supplying replacement systems which can work in harmony with existing equipment.

Modbus-based Interface Solutions

We have built a variety of bespoke Modbus-based interface solutions, both software and PLC-based, in order to meet customers' needs.

Many of these have been interfaces to obsolete or unsupported systems, to allow them to continue working alongside new architecture or systems.

We have developed a Modbus Router, which handles both protocol and address translation between multiple Modbus slaves and masters simultaneously. Our Router can also communicate with slaves which use non-Modbus protocols. See our Products page for more information

Industrial Datacomms / Telemetry

We have significant experience in industrial datacomms and telemetry, with many projects combining both serial and Ethernet systems. Our team have considerable knowledge of both, allowing us to provide comprehensive technical support during the installation and commissioning process.

A number of projects have involved providing telemetry for interfacing between offshore control systems and onshore monitoring stations. With our combination of engineering knowledge and offshore awareness, we are well placed to implement such systems.

Spares & Parts Sourcing

We can supply a large variety of parts from our considerable stock, and can also source parts on request from our vast network of distributors.

For a full list of our distributors, please click here

If you would like to find out more please contact us for more information.

OSISoft PI Services

Over the years we have built up considerable experience of both configuring and interfacing with OSISoft PI systems.

We also are experienced in designing and building graphics for use in PI ProcessBook.

Panel Building

We provide panel and sub-assembly design and build to IPC-A-620 standards with an extensive history of projects, many completed with rapid turnaround.

At our combined office and workshop facilities located in East Tullos, Aberdeen, we have around 2,200sqft split between workshop offices, light assembly and rack assembly/staging area, along with our 3,500sqft warehouse/staging area.

Our workshop carries a large stock of materials allowing for rapid turnaround of panel build projects.

Based on feedback from our clients, one of the key factors which set us apart from our competitors is the high standard to which all our panels are built.

Racks being assembled
One of our rack assembly areas

Engineering Services

We provide a full spectrum of engineering services, including (but not limited to):

  • Feasibility studies and surveys (both onshore and offshore)
  • Conceptual and front-end engineering design
  • Functional design
  • Provision of Safety Assessments to meet IEC 61508 guidelines
  • Detailed design to typical work-pack level
  • Commissioning and loop tuning
  • Operator and technician training