Projects - Topside

We specialise in modifications and upgrades to DeltaV control systems as well as providing other services such as writing OTPs, building PI Processbook graphics and providing support for existing control systems.

Over the years we have carried out a large number of small and large modifications to DeltaV control systems such as interfacing to a variety of flow computers, control of and datalinks to a variety of compressors and pumps and DeltaV version upgrades.

Below is a sample of some of the topside projects we have carried out in the past - clicking on some of the projects will bring up further details.

Dunbar Systems Upgrade


Replacement of existing Yokogawa Controle Bailey PCS system with an Emerson DeltaV system, as part of the Dunbar Systems Upgrade project.

Total Alwyn Process Control System

Alwyn Platform

Modification support to Total E&P plc UK, Alwyn platform, Emerson DeltaV Process Control System.

Load Sharing

Load Sharing

Implementation of control scheme to handle load sharing between export compressors on Total North Alwyn platform.

Gas Lift Compressor

Gas Lift Compressor

Removal of existing MGI Compressor from Procss Control System and design, build and testing of software for new (MAN Turbo) Gas Lift Compressor, including serial link interface.

Fire Pump Upgrade


Provision of bespoke software and interface to third party (FRAMO) Unit Control Panel as a result of replacement of existing fire pump equipment.

Well Test Metering Upgrade

Spirit IT Flow-X/P Flow Computer

Upgrade of Well Test Metering interface on Total North Alwyn platform, interfacing to new Spirit IT Flow-X/P Flow Computers.

Flow Computer Upgrades

Flow Computer

Integration of a variety of new and replacement flow metering equipment to an existing Process Control System.

Alwyn DeltaV 12.3 Upgrade

Emerson DeltaV

Technical support and assistance provided during online upgrade of large system (>10,000 DSTs, including over 40 controllers and 14 workstations) from DeltaV version 10.3 up to version 12.3.

West Franklin OTPs

Total Logo

Assisted Total by preparing OTPs for West Franklin platform to allow for the completion of commissioning work prior to initial start-up of the platform.

Alwyn DeltaV 10.3 Upgrade

Emerson DeltaV

Technical support and assistance provided during online upgrade of large system (>10,000 DSTs, including around 40 controllers and 12 workstations) from DeltaV version 7.4.

West Franklin PI Processbook Graphics


Creation/modification of 25 new PI Processbook graphics and 40 new trends to add the West Franklin platform to the existing Elgin Franklin PI system.

Alwyn Gas Lift PI Processbook Graphics


Modification of existing Alwyn PI Processbook system to add over 30 additional graphics covering the new Gas Lift Compressor.

Balmoral DeltaV Support

Emerson DeltaV

Providing DeltaV support to Balmoral platform, including survey of existing system to identify cause of intermittent crashes and provision of report highlighting potential improvements.